Pure Performance Arts LLC was founded in July 2015 by a God duo team, ChaDorea Robinson and co-owned and directed by her husband, Jereny Robinson. The Robinson's have had the privilege of serving their community and making a difference in many youth and adult lives not only through Pure Performance Arts LLC, but also as teachers in the Lansing School District. They have a strong passion for working with youth and through performing arts .


  • Trained over 1000 youth.

  • Regional Award Winning Choreographer

  • National Award Winning Choreographer

  • Best Show Performance

  • Overall 1st Place Awards

  • Nominations for World Competition

  • La Meres Debutante Assistant Choreographer 2016

  • The Wiz 2010 Lead Choreographer

  • The Lion King 2009 Lead Choreographer

  • Awarded numerous competition awards in 2016 trained over 500 youth in Lansing, MI through after school programs and traditional dance studio teachings.

2020 COVID Season caused the Robinson's to re-focused their efforts and services to better meet Michigan community and its diverse population needs.

In 2021 Pure Performance Arts created the Arts Hub to support, build and grow performing artists and arts organizations.

Managing Committee

Jereny Robinson- Managing Director

ChaDorea Robinson - Operational Director

La'Vonte Hearrd - Funding Director

Tia Alston - Events Manager